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Fiddle and Bow, founded in 1981, is a non-profit, educational organization dedicated to the promotion and preservation of folk music and dance and their related arts.  We do this primarily through our concert series, presenting approximately two concerts per month on the first and third Friday.  These range from contemporary and traditional folk to old-time, acoustic blues, Celtic and world music.  Fiddle & Bow also works with other organizations in the Triad through special events and festivals.  


Fiddle and Bow concerts are underwritten through the generous support of the Muddy Creek Music Hall and the Muddy Creek Cafe.

Fiddle & Bow Board of Directors

Susan Andrews - Membership/Print Newsletter Mailings
Don Bergey - Secretary/Treasurer/Door
Kim Daniel - Volunteers
Mark Gaines - Sound
Rhett Green - Door
Roland Krueger - Legal
Tim Lahey - Publicity
David Mandel - Website Manager
Don Penzien - Festivals
Bill Poindexter - Sound
Kathy Riepenhoff - E-newletter
Tom Roth - Booking
Sonny Thomas - Booking/Newsletter (e-mail: