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Here are some magazines you might want to check out if you want more in-depth coverage of folk/acoustic music:

Sing Out! - The granddaddy of all the folk music magazines and celebrating its 60th anniversary.  Lots of articles and reviews and a batch of songs in every issue.  For a slightly higher subscription rate you also get a CD with each issue featuring artists who are covered in the magazine that month.  Published quarterly, Sing Out! is always a good read.  It can take days to get through an issue.
fRoots - Formerly called Folk Roots, this English magazine is a must for the hard core folkie.  Lots of world music coverage and, of course, the most up-to-date coverage of the British folk scene, the magazine also does a good job of covering the best of American folk as well as Celtic and blues.  It's a bit pricey but a must have for the fanatic.  Published 10 times per year with two double issues which feature a free cd, usually a compilation of artists who've been covered in the magazine.
The Old-Time Herald - Published in Durham, NC, this magazine offers in-depth coverage of old-time music.  Excellent writing and interesting articles about musicians who have shaped the genre and those carrying the torch, as well as instrument makers, events, etc.  TOTH used to be a quarterly but is now issued bi-monthly.  A must for the old-time music fan.
Penguin Eggs - This Canadian magazine claims to cover folk, roots and world music and it does just that.  It's a quarterly.  The coverage is not limited to Canada but includes music from all over which falls into its purview.  Lots of reviews and articles about the current folk scene.  [By the way, the name comes from the last album recorded by English folk legend Nic Jones whose career was ended in a serious automobile accident in 1982.  The good news is that Nic has been getting a little more involved in the English scene lately]
The Living Tradition - Published in Scotland, this magazine's focus is more traditional than the above.  It is also quarterly and offers articles primarily about the Scottish folk scene but is not limited to that and also covers more traditionally oriented artists in England, Ireland and America.  It's been around for about 20 years now and I always look forward to it.  The magazine also offers a cd buying service.