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Low Lily

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New  England-based  string  and  vocal  trio  Low  Lily  explores  the  roots  of  American  folk  music  with traditional influences and modern inspiration. The members of the trio — Liz Simmons, Flynn Cohen and Lissa Schneckenburger — have deep relationships to traditional music styles, ranging from bluegrass to Irish, Scottish, English, New England, and old-time Appalachian sounds. Their music is rooted, yet contemporary.

Low Lily’s new full-length album, 10,000 Days Like These, brings its members’ histories together and also takes a step forward with originals, covers, and overall, fresh new music. Simmons produced the album, creating a running thread through the project of political, personal, and occasionally humorous and quirky subject matter. The trio’s previous self-entitled EP was released in 2015 with a #1 song on international folk radio, and it placed in Sing Out!’s Best of 2015 list.

10,000 Days Like These opens with a punchy snare drum intro to Simmons’ reimagined version of the traditional song “Sovay.” A groove-heavy, bluesy version, it is what she thought the English folk song might have sounded like if it had come over from England hundreds of years ago, as so many other traditional songs have, and taken on a flavor incorporating the sounds of blues and old time. The second track was composed by Rushad Eggleston (the original cellist of Crooked Still) and could be a traditional old-time number at the surface, until you listen to the Eggleston-esque lyrics. Cohen takes the lead vocals on this fantastically themed number, while Schneckenburger’s fiddle and Cohen’s mandolin also take turns on the melody in typical old-time fashion.  One of the cornerstones of Low Lily’s sound — trio harmonies with Simmons’ soprano, Schneckenburger’s alto, and Cohen’s tenor — are at the fore on their oft-requested cover of Gillian Welch’s “The Rock of Ages.”

What Others Are Saying About Low Lily

“Exuberant yet sensitive… exceptional and refreshing” – No Depression

“Fresh and inviting melodic lines… impressive.” -TradConnect

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