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Revitalize the Fiddle & Bow Society

When? Friday, August 3rd

Where? Muddy Creek Cafe and Music Hall

What? A free concert, free food (cash bar) and a chance to participate in the next 37 years of Fiddle & Bow.

We need your help in shaping the future of folk music in the Triad! We’re not asking for money, just some of your time.
Come out to the Muddy Creek Cafe on Friday, August 3rd for a free concert, free food (cash bar), and a chance to participate in the next 37 years of Fiddle & Bow.


The Fiddle & Bow Society has been considering changes to our focus by offering concerts in both Greensboro and Winston-Salem each month. In addition, several members of the Board of Directors will be retiring. As such, we will be accepting applications for new volunteers who want to help keep this organization and this music alive in both communities for many years to come. F&B has been presenting premiere folk acts for 37 years; one of the longest running folk societies in the country. F&B volunteers and Board members have a unique opportunity.


Folk music has always played a special role in American culture. It has helped fuel social movements, such as the 60’s Folk Revolution. It has preserved the cultural diversity in our country through its roots music. It has also been used to raise awareness and the collective consciousness of current actions and historical truths. Fiddle & Bow’s mission has been to showcase this music at venues that promote serious and intimate listening as to respect the caliber of artists we invite.


Sonny Thomas has booked hundreds of artists over all these years and will soon be retiring from this lead role. We are in need of volunteers and new Board members to continue the legacy of F&B. We are at a critical point in this organization and we see it as an exciting opportunity for more people to get involved and help shape our future.
You can be part of the future folk music scene in the Triad. Interested in entertainment management? Help out with the artists and audience? Promote folk music in the community?

┬áPlease sign up by clicking here to better estimate how much food we’ll need.

Help us carry on our legacy by volunteering to keep the music flowing.