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Since 1981 Fiddle and Bow has been bringing great musical entertainment to North Carolina Triad Region. Each month audiences are entertained and educated with music ranging from traditional and contemporary folk to old time, blues, mountain and Celtic.

Due to the COVID-19 crisis and current NC State restrictions on group gatherings for concerts, The Fiddle & Bow Society Board has decided to cancel all concerts until we can all safely return to indoor performances.

Our hearts go out to the many musicians who are unable to support their livelihood during this time. Please visit our Facebook site where we will be posting streaming concerts by many of our past and current artists. Consider supporting them by attending these concerts and contributing what you can on their behalf.  

Thank you.

This note was sent out to our mailing list on December 14, 2021 

Fiddle & Bow Supporters, 

Season’s greetings in these chaotic times. We hope this update finds you in good health and adapting to our ever-changing world. We’re sending you this brief email to update you on happenings with Fiddle & Bow. Rest assured that F&B is continuing with presenting live music while carefully investigating other aspects of our mission statement. The Board of Directors continue to meet online monthly and is investigating timing, procedures and protocol for presenting live music in the future. We are also investigating other ways to present music in the evolving world of live music performance.

As you well know, the world of live music was upended in March, 2020. Fiddle & Bow, along with nearly all live music venues canceled live music performances. In our initial discussions the board had hoped to be presenting live music by the end of the summer. As circumstances changed we adapted our schedule and recognized that any decisions about live music were going to require a comprehensive plan that protected audience, performers and volunteers.

As it stands now, our current plan is to follow the Governor’s phased roll out as well as the advice of medical health professionals. Our current model suggests that we will be on hiatus in presenting live music performances until late spring of 2021, but we are exploring all options. Never to be a group of pessimists, the positive news is that F&B is fiscally healthy and our hiatus allows us to weather this crisis for an extended period of time. We are confident that once the environment is healthy for live music, we will be prepared to return.

We also want you to know that this year’s hiatus will not impact your membership term or privileges. Anyone who had a paid-up membership to Fiddle & Bow as of March 1, 2020 had their term of membership frozen. Membership terms will be “unfrozen” two months after we again start presenting concerts. We will send each of you a note as to level, benefits (like concert passes), and the remaining term of your current membership near that time. We would also like to encourage others to renew or become members of Fiddle & Bow to help us revitalize the organization for a new era.

While we are following the guidelines of experts, we also want to hear from you on ideas, options, alternatives, and how Fiddle & Bow can have a positive impact on your lives. In the coming weeks we will be sending out a short survey to invite your thoughts on F&B’s reopening. Additionally, if you have new and innovative ideas, do not hesitate to share them. 

Mark Dillon
Fiddle & Bow Society

Want to be part of Fiddle & Bow?

We’re looking forward to seeing you all this year (probably this Fall) as Fiddle & Bow prepares for a new season.

One change we’d like to see is an increase in Volunteer activity, especially where our skills are a bit stretched (or lacking :-)). We’re not looking for a long-term commitment or a lot of your time each month; just a 2-3 hours to assist with:

Website and Social Media Input— Have some website skills? Comfortable with Facebook? We’ll teach you, hold your hand (virtually), or even share the task. If this is of interest, please let us know.

Media Artist and Newsletter Editing — Can you draw a bit; layout a newsletter; edit some photos; any of these; even a bit? Our posters, fliers, quarterly newsletter, and website art would really appreciate your talent. OK, how about on the writing side? Short, concise written blurbs on events and artists are needed for our newsletters and marketing pieces.

Helping out at the Shows — Take tickets, help artists set up, sell CDs, help where needed. We could use a few volunteers to make the show run smoother.

Booking Acts — Want to speak to artists, booking agents, feel like you’re part of the show? Try helping us out with bookings. You know your a really an impresario in disguise!

Please contact us at We’ll be in touch to answer any questions. Thank you for being part of the F&B Team.